Spoil Yourself This Valentine's Day With a Facial Treatment From PureMD

If you still don’t feel like you’ve caught your breath from the holiday season, hold onto your hat: Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. That doesn’t have to stress you out, though. In fact, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself.

Whether you’ll be celebrating Singles Awareness Day and showering yourself with self-care, or you’ve got romantic plans with a special someone, Valentine’s Day is a great time to look your best. That’s why we’re running a special promotion all month long. 

At our PureMD MedSpa offices in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, and Dayton, Ohio, we want to make it easy for you to treat yourself. So we’re offering free facial treatments with qualifying services. 

How to get your free facial

With this special Valentine’s Day promotion, we’re offering you a free facial treatment for any $200 spent in Gift Cards*. The complementary facial treatment can be:

If you’ve been considering any of these treatments, now is the time to book them. Not only will they help you move closer to your skin goals, but they’ll also score you a free personalized facial treatment. 

What to expect from Customized ZO Health Skin facial

A facial is an excellent opportunity to take whatever you’re doing at home to take care of your skin to the next level. It’s a relaxing treatment that rejuvenates your skin, helping you look and feel your best. 

We’re not offering microneedling as part of your free facial, but you do have access to our full range of other types of facials. To give you the best facial for your skin type and your cosmetic goals, we start your treatment by talking with you. Once we understand your skin challenges and the aesthetic results you want, we customize your facial to you. 

Usually this means applying a personally tailored chemical solution to your skin to drive your desired results. With your facial, we can address:

We work to make your facial a relaxing, rejuvenating experience as well. You should leave your facial feeling great — and not only because you didn’t have to spend any money on your treatment. 

What to expect from a chemical peel

We love offering chemical peels to our clients because we’ve got a solution for every skin type. Our chemical peels are evenly spread over your skin, and allowed to remove your skin’s rough outer layers in a half-hour-long treatment. After you enjoy your chemical peel, we look forward to seeing you again in four to six weeks, depending on which of our chemical peels you choose. If you have a little redness or mild irritation, this is normal, and not a cause for concern. 

What to expect from a dermaplaning facial

Once you’ve booked your dermaplaning appointment with us, we make you comfortable, and use a sterile razor to gently exfoliate you dead skin layer by layer. The sessions last for around 30 minutes, and may cause mild redness, but you can come back within a few months for another round of healthy, glowing skin. 

What to expect from a microdermabrasion treatment

Our signature microdermabrasion treatments exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the soft skin underneath. This skin-rejuvenating procedure can be done once per week, or once every other month. Before we treat you, we take into account your skin’s sensitivity and your goals. Part of what makes this treatment great is the lack of downtime, and the quickness: we only need about thirty minutes to make you feel more beautiful. 

At PureMD, we believe getting your facial should be as convenient as possible, so you can easily relax when you get here. That’s why we’re offering this promotion at all three of our offices. Call any of our locations — conveniently located in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, and Dayton, Ohio — to learn more or to schedule a treatment to qualify for your free facial. Or, book your appointment at any of our offices online today. 

*Max of 4 Gift Cards per person can be purchased and gift cards can’t be used the same day of the purchase

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