Forever Bare BBL™


Forever Bare BBL™

Hair follicles are targeted and heated through energy, allowing multiple hairs to be addressed at the same time. The treatment is automated through an intense pulsed broad-band light for greater precision.

Effective for smaller, more sensitive areas as well as larger regions. The skin is treated quickly and evenly. Several sessions will be scheduled to treat hair during its active growth stage.

Safe and effective for the majority of patients



  • are sensitive to light or take medication (i.e. antibiotics) that is known to increase sunlight sensitivity
  • Accutane/Isotretinoin use within the last 6 months prior to treatment
  • have a seizure disorder triggered by light
  • have a very dark skin color (i.e. Fitzpatrick skin type IV)- 
  • are pregnant
  • taking anticoagulant medication
  • have an active infection and/or compromised immune system
  • who have a history of keloid scar formation


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