Forever Clear (BBL)™


Forever Clear (BBL)™

Forever Clear BBL is a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine.

BBL is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device delivering light energy deep into your skin to stimulate and regenerate your skin cells, leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin.

Step 1

Skin is first treated with BLUE BBL light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores.

Step 2

Skin is then treated with YELLOW BBL light to reduce the inflammation and acne-associated redness to give you healthy, luminous skin.

Step 3

For added benefit, the skin is then treated with SkinTyte II™ using INFRA-RED light in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process.

Step 4

follow your personalized skincare regimen to keep your skin clear.

As the laser passes over your skin, it gently heats the upper layers, which stimulates your skin cells to produce new collagen. This restores your skin to its natural color, improves your skin’s firmness, and reduces any uneven skin textures. Instead of scarred, your skin will appear smoother, younger, and more vibrant



  • Pregnant
  • Use of photo-sensitizing medications or drugs
  • Accutane use within the last 6-12 months
  • Medical conditions affecting wound healing
  • Anticoagulant medications
  • Active infections
  • Compromised immune systems
  • Tanned skin, sunless tanners, or bronzing lotion
  • History of skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma
  • Antibiotic use 2 weeks before


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