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New Location specialized in: Weight Loss and Women's Health by PureMD

Weight Loss in 3 easy steps!

We know better than anyone what a struggle it is to lose weight, often losing and regaining the weight over and over again. We are here to help. We take a holistic approach to meet your weight management/body contouring goals. By understanding your needs from a medical and personal goal point of view, we will create an individualized recommendation that will give you the results you expect in an effective and safe way. Whether it is through lifestyle changes, medication, body sculpting, or liposuction, the goal is to make everyone who walks in the door feel better physically and mentally about their body image in a healthy way.

Meet the doctor and staff.

  • To better understand your specific weight-loss needs, the team first conducts a thorough evaluation, which includes a physical exam and blood work, as well as a review of your medications, medical history, and lifestyle choices. 

Find the plan that is right for you. 

  • Based on your Body Mass Index and other indicators, the medical experts will help find a solution that is best for you. It may be simple lifestyle changes in nutrition or exercise or the medical experts may prescribe medication to assist you in your weight loss efforts. Or non-invasive procedures or liposuction may give you the extra support you need. 

Start your personalized program.

  • Nutritional Coaching

Diets, strict, fad, or otherwise never work long term. We take a holistic approach and understand that fat reduction and weight loss is a long-term commitment. We offer nutrition coaching to help you incorporate simple and sustainable healthy eating habits that you can take anywhere you go for the rest of your life.

  • Medication/ Supplements

We may prescribe weight-loss medication or supplements to help you get the extra support you need to start losing weight faster.

  • Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

We offer a suite of non-invasive procedures that don’t require incisions and deliver noticeable results. We will recommend what is best for you. 



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Vanquish BTL

No matter how often you exercise or how well you’ve turned your diet around, a few small resistant pockets of fat can stay on your body. Consider Liposuction for these more resilient areas.


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Women's Intimate Health Services


Life events and health factors like aging, childbirth, menopause, weight change, and genetics can all have major implications for women. We provide safe and effective treatments for functional and cosmetic changes relating to intimate areas. 

The conditions that we treat include:









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