Memberships at PureMD

Choose the Membership That's Right for You

Facial Bar


One facial feels good, but like anything else keeping you looking great is a commitment.

  • One facial or chemical peel every month

A skin-care consultant will assess your needs for your facial treatment as often as you need.

More Perks:

  • 10% Discount on skin care products
  • 10% OFF laser skin treatments for rosacea, sun damage, acne, scars, and others
  • 15% OFF additional facial for you and a guest

Go Bare Bar

(Laser Hair Removal)

We offer 4 membership options to fit your needs. Choose an area you like treated within your membership level. You call the shots!

IV Therapy Bar


One IV therapy infusion plus one B12 injection each month.

Choose from 3 infusions:

  • Mineral Cocktails:
    Fortify your defenses with this immune system boosting drip.
  • Vitamin Cocktails:
    Add a boost of electrolytes and vitamin B complex leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Amino Cocktails:
    Provide athletes with the fuel required to train daily and compete at their best.

More Perks

  • 10% OFF weight loss programs

Body Contouring Bar


We offer a suite of non-invasive procedures that don’t require any incisions and deliver noticeable results. Now we are offering hands-free body treatment EMSCULPT NEO: to remodel skin, treat fat and tone muscles.

  • One hands-free treatment every month (EMSCULPT NEO)

More Perks

  • 20% OFF additional body contouring treatments
  • 10% OFF liposuction, fat transfer