Kiss Unwanted Hair Goodbye With Laser Hair Removal

One of the great irritations in life is unwanted hair on your body. Think about it -- hair that grows in locations where you would much rather have smooth, clean, unmarred skin can be a bother day after day after day.

Until now. With laser hair removal, you can kiss that unwanted hair goodbye for good! No more stressing about a mustache, no more shaving your armpits every day, no more worrying that your hair is growing back thicker and darker every time you shave.

Laser hair removal can change your life, and the team at Pure M.D. can’t wait to change your life like we have so many others’. Here’s how we go about it:

What is laser hair removal?

Lasers are one of the most effective devices used in the medical field today: They can accomplish a surprising number of procedures. One of the most common cosmetic procedures they are used for is removing hair from your body.

If you are tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing your hair over and over, laser hair removal takes care of the job once and for all. Once the hair has been removed with a laser, it doesn’t come back: Your skin is free and clear, no matter if the hair was on your face, arms, legs, back, chest, or bikini area. 

How does laser hair removal work?

The Elite laser device targets each individual hair by sending a highly concentrated beam of light straight into each hair follicle. The follicle absorbs the light and the heat energy that comes with the laser; this light and heat are enough to destroy the hair so that it never grows back.

Each laser pulse takes a small fraction of a second, and each pulse can treat many hairs at the same time. It takes about a minute to treat a small area like the upper lip, whereas a larger area like the back could take up to an hour.

We recommend coming in for continuing treatments every four to six weeks until you have reached the result you want. For about a month after each session, your treated hair will continue to fall out.

The laser is more effective on dark hair than on white or blond hair. Your skin may look like it was sunburned for a day or two after each treatment, but it will be back to normal soon.

In addition to not having to shave or pluck anymore, you’ll also avoid cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Plus, you won’t have to buy expensive razor blades anymore.

To find out more about laser hair removal or to schedule your first session at Pure M.D., contact any one of our locations in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, or Dayton, Ohio. Our beautiful, comfortable spa setting will enhance your experience as you begin to rid your life of unwanted hair!

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