We Can Help If You're Embarrassed About Acne

We Can Help If You're Embarrassed About Acne

Plenty of people think acne is a problem that only affects teenagers. But teens and adults alike can struggle with skin problems, leaving them feeling less than their best. In fact, acne has been linked to lower self-esteem

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with your acne. Here at our PureMD MedSpa locations in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, Miamisburg, and Dayton, Ohio, Suresh Gupta, MD, and our team offer results-oriented acne treatment that goes way beyond drugs or over-the-counter remedies. 

More effective acne treatment

While topical acne treatments and at-home skin care routines can help you toward clearer skin, sometimes they’re not enough. Drugs can also help, but they all too often come with side effects that just aren’t worth it. 

You need a safe, effective way to stop your acne at its source — and we offer exactly that. Here at PureMD MedSpa, Dr. Gupta may recommend:

Forever Clear® BBL®

With this treatment, Dr. Gupta uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to kill acne bacteria and help your skin heal. 

This treatment combines blue light, which destroys the bacteria that causes acne, and yellow light, which helps reduce inflammation and redness. And because this procedure is light-based, it can penetrate deeply into your pores to help address even the most persistent acne. 

This treatment is designed to be completely comfortable for you. It’s noninvasive, as well, so you don’t need to worry about any downtime afterward. 


If your acne problems stem from oily skin, ThermaScan can help. With this treatment, Dr. Gupta uses a specialized device to deliver infrared energy to your sebaceous glands, the glands that produce oil. By heating them with infrared energy, he can minimize oil production.

Like Forever Clear, ThermScan is a noninvasive, minimal-downtime treatment. 

This procedure can also help with acne scars. In fact, if you’re living with noticeable scarring, we have a variety of treatments available to help reduce its visibility. 

Chemical peels

Studies have shown that chemical peels can help with both acne and acne scarring. Here at PureMD MedSpa, we offer a variety of peels to help you see fewer blemishes and more even skin, including:

With these superficial and medium-depth peels, you should have minimal downtime. 

ZO acne protocol

These specially formulated products help you continue on the path to clearer skin with your at-home regimen. We help you determine the right products — and the right routine for using them — to help you get and maintain clear, radiant skin. 

Getting started

If you’re embarrassed about acne, don’t wait another day before getting in touch with our team. Dr. Gupta takes the time to understand your unique skin. He talks with you about what you’ve tried in the past and develops a personalized treatment plan to move you toward clearer skin as quickly as possible. 

Picture yourself with clearer skin. Then, take a step toward it by making your appointment with our team. Call the PureMD MedSpa office nearest to you or book your visit online today.

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