Fabulous Results with HALO™

Times have changed. Today, you don’t have to live with unwelcome changes in your skin like sun damage, uneven texture, wrinkles, and scars. And you don’t have to get a whole bunch of treatments or choose an invasive procedure like a facelift, either.

Thanks to advancements in aesthetics technology, Suresh Gupta, MD, and our team at PureMD MedSpa can offer facial rejuvenation with a single treatment: the HALO™ laser. We’ve made this radiance-inducing option available at our offices in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, Miamisburg, and Dayton, Ohio, for your convenience. 

Plenty of aesthetics lasers promise results, though. How can you be sure your HALO treatment will deliver? Let’s take a closer look. 

How HALO treatment works

The HALO laser blends ablative and nonablative wavelengths, making it the first hybrid fractional laser treatment available. 

Ablative laser treatments have long been celebrated for their ability to deliver impressive results. These laser treatments work by sending laser energy into your skin, essentially wounding small, targeted areas. This triggers your skin’s healing and regeneration processes, kickstarting your body’s collagen production. 

Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin smooth and firm. As your body makes more of it, you get smoother, more even, radiant skin. 

Nonablative laser treatments are less effective, but people love them because they don’t come with the downtime of an ablative treatment.

By blending both ablative and nonablative frequencies, the HALO laser gives you wow-worthy results with the least downtime possible. Most people are back to wearing makeup within 24 hours after HALO treatment. You should expect some peeling that usually starts within a few days after the procedure, but it doesn’t last more than a week.

Additionally, our PureMD MedSpa team can customize your laser treatment to you. If you want fewer, more aggressive treatments and can accommodate the downtime, we’ll set that up for you. But if you’re not able to take a couple of days off work for your skin to heal, we can also perform more, less aggressive treatments to ease you into your results. 

What HALO can do for you

Because HALO treatment kickstarts rejuvenation in your skin, it’s effective at reducing the visibility of a wide range of cosmetic concerns, including:

What’s more, the HALO laser is so effective that many people achieve their cosmetic goals with just one or two treatments. Many other cosmetic lasers require a handful of treatments to deliver results. 

You know the old saying: a picture’s worth a thousand words. You can see for yourself the results you can expect with HALO treatment in our before and after gallery. We also have testimonials from both patients and expert physicians in our HALO guide

Are you ready to see the fabulous results you can get with HALO treatment? Call the PureMD MedSpa office nearest to you or book your visit online today.

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