Is There a Cure for Folliculitis?

Dealing with folliculitis can be annoying, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing. Whether the inflammation in your hair follicles causes itching, pus-filled blisters, an acne-like rash, or dark spots, you probably want to know what your options are to cure it. 

Fortunately, you have a lot of avenues you can explore. At our PureMD MedSpa locations in Beavercreek, Liberty Township, Miamisburg, and Dayton, Ohio, Suresh Gupta, MD, and our team offer specialized care for folliculitis

We help you find the right treatment option to cure the inflammation causing your symptoms, giving you relief from discomfort and restoring the appearance of your skin. Let’s take a look at the various cures for folliculitis.

Treating folliculitis at home

In some cases, folliculitis will go away on its own if you properly care for the area at home. If your folliculitis is spreading or creating pus, see Dr. Gupta. Otherwise, though, you can try home care for a few days. That includes:

    • Applying a warm, damp compress several times a day
    • Stopping shaving
    • Washing the area twice a day with antibacterial soap
    • Using soothing lotions or creams

All this said, serious folliculitis can lead to hyperpigmentation and scarring. If the inflammation in your hair follicles isn’t responding to home care, don’t wait to talk to Dr. Gupta. 

Cures for folliculitis

While some folliculitis will go away on its own, other cases need medical intervention. Plus, folliculitis might return after home care. If your folliculitis keeps coming back or doesn’t get better with home treatment, talk to Dr. Gupta about your options. 

Here at PureMD MedSpa, we offer several different choices to soothe your inflammation and prevent future issues. 

For starters, Dr. Gupta uses light-based treatments like BroadBand Light (BBL)™ and ClearScan ALX™ to directly treat your hair follicles, killing the infection that may be to blame for your inflammation. For some people, those treatments are enough to cure folliculitis. 

In others, though, the inflammation keeps coming back. For those cases, our team offers laser-based hair removal systems like ClearHair™, Forever Bare BBL™, or Cynosure Elite+™ lasers (YAG laser, Alexandrite laser or combinations of laser)

With these options, we can destroy your hair follicle. Not only does this prevent future hair growth in the area — which can be a major perk in places like your underarms or bikini area — but it also eliminates the possibility of folliculitis in the future. If you’ve been dealing with chronic folliculitis, this convenient, noninvasive treatment gives you a way to break the cycle. 

Long story short, you have a variety of options to get rid of the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of your folliculitis. To find out which one is best for you, call the PureMD MedSpa office nearest to you or book your visit online today.